Aid the Permaculture Way: Africa at OM cafe in Clifton: featuring Sam Dunlap and Whitney Hoefacker on Tanzania and Wes Duren and Jean Nightingale on the Congo


Date: Saturday January 22nd

Time: 3:00- 5:00 pm

Location: OM Cafe, 329 Ludlow, Located in the Clifton Gaslight District

Contact: Doug Crouch 662-7461 or or Lydia at OM Cafe at 381-3436

More info: and below



Recently returning from four months in Tanzania, Sam and Whitney are excited to share their experiences with their home community in Cincinnati. During their stay in the village of Kinesi, Whitney linked up with a local secondary school, where she taught English to high school-aged students. Sam worked with a non-profit called the Global Resource Alliance teaching locals in the community about Permaculture and helping with the implementation of their recently established Permaculture demonstration farm. Their experiences were fun, rewarding, challenging, and thought provoking. One of the sentiments they came away with was a determination to deepen their involvement in the Cincinnati community. Sam and Whitney will share their thoughts and experiences in the hopes of engaging a discussion about how we can all create change through the actions we are taking here at home.

Sam with some of his students and PC design



Wes Duren, from Marvin’s Organic Gardens, and translator and explorer Jeanne Nightingale will be sharing their discoveries in the Democratic Republic of Congo, from urban Kinshasa to rural Gungu.  The talk will address the need to move away from Western development and back to the ancient sustainable practices of the foremothers and forefather (as well as new sustainable technologies) of the Congo in forest conservation, trash and septic disposal, medicine and agriculture.  Specifically we will cover our work that involved edible forests, composting, medicinal agriculture, recycling trash and using that waste stream for building materials and other useful recycling practices.  Furthermore an exploration of endeavors using the existing savannas and diminishing forests for their sustainable resources such as medicine, food, cosmetics and wildlife habitat to build local economy.  We would like to discuss the needs for the areas, and what we can all do to help if interested or called to do so.  Schools, hospitals, local government, farmers union, widows and orphan leagues, churches, locally owned mineral hunters and universities all need support with supplies, finances to grow and sustain their programs, and information like Permaculture Design to help transform their society to a holistic one.

Wes and Jeanne giving instruction in the Congo


Seven Weekend 72 Hour Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDC) with the Cincinnati Permaculture Guild featuring Doug Crouch, Sam Dunlap, and Kathryn Grover amongst many special guests

Date: February 4th- March 27th

Time: Sat: 9:30 am- 6:00pm

Location: Several Permaculture sites in and around Northside

Contact: Kathryn Grover at

More Info:,

A swale and a Food Forest- Two concepts you will learn about in depth in this class


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