Cincinnati Permaculture Page

November 18, 2009

Cincinnati skylineOn the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati is well-known for many things including its industry and river town history.  Permaculture will be one of the things that it is known for in the future and this is what we seek to promote on this page.  Despite it conservative reputation, there is a lot of progressive activities happening in the city and its surroundings throughout the tri-state area.  From the rain garden movement to protect the Mill Creek to the Urban Eco-village leading neighbourhood social reform, Cincinnati is a hot spot for conservation and abundance.  Rain garden and monitoring station in Mt. Airy improving the Mill Creek water quality

Cincinnati has a budding Permaculture movement that we seek to enhance on this page.  Rather than reinvent the wheel we are going to draw from the Permaculture Research Institutes Model for listing Permaculture sites.  They have a great website with information and forums, so please do check it out but also explore Cincinnati’s progression towards sustainability on the following pages.  If you happen upon this site and you have a permaculture site that you would like to highlight on this page, please send an email to Doug Crouch at  From here he will send you an application form which also asks for pictures of the site or project.

Swale at the Parkwalk Permaculture Project bordering Mt. Airy Forest

This site is meant to help the network of Permaculture and Sustainable Living grow in Cincinnati.  By knowing just what’s out there, people can get more involved and people of power and influence can view this community level response to societies lack of design.  Thats what motivates us at this site, reform due to the lack of local design.  Whether it be food production or finance, watershed management or housing, we need local approaches to meet the challenge of producing abundance for all.  So please do contribute to this page with questions, comments, and postings.  If you live within 50 miles of Cincinnati we would love to host a blog page about your project and love to link to your own blog so that we can track progress and learn from your insights as your site develops.

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