To help recognize all Permaculture sites that are present in the tri-state area of Cincinnati, this website has been constructed to provide a multifunctional approach to documentation.  This site allows those seeking more information about Permaculture in Cincinnati to access sites that they can possibly plug into.  It also gives growers and suburban landowners a chance to show their sites and receive feedback.  Hopefully it facilitates an interaction between the two parties, those seeking to get dirty or observe while those who could use an extra hand digging a swale or dividing comfrey.  So please feel free to leave comments and contact the site so that we can plug into the collective genius of the Cincinnati Permaculture Scene.  Below is a small description and link to a more in depth analysis of each site.  If you wish to have your site posted, please email Doug at Lets create a beautiful site full of wisdom and inspiration nad ways to start to move!!!!!

Project Name and Location: Parkwalk Permaculture Project (PPP)– Green Township, Hamilton County, Cincinnati, OH, 45239                                                                                                                                               Project Type: Suburban Edible Landscaping Site and Educational Site   Link:


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