Ever wondered why one minute we are having floods and the next a drought?  How about where all that water goes during a big storm?  How about why do my plants grow so much better with rain water than city water?  Or why is the Ohio River brown these days? Well with simple,  well designed rain water harvesting features in the landscape we can drastically improve these very conundrums which keep many people puzzled.

Swale system and newly planted Food Forest

This is one of the central elements to the 72 Hour Permaculture Design Course that the Cincinnati PC Guild puts on.  As a guild, we facilitate these courses as well as many others so that locals have the skills to address issues like water quality from the above example.  Permaculture curriculum has a way to affect participants of all ages and races, to bridge gaps of connection to humanity and nature.

Pepino DulceAn another example of one of the course concepts:

Food Forests have the ability to be low maintenance systems while being incredibly abundant in yield. Often we think the tropics hold an incredible amount of diversity for fruit, but when we draw upon the full permaculture pallet of plants from around the world, we realize we have delectible tastes all throughout the year here in the midwest. And it’s not just fruit, but also nuts, firewood, perennial vegetables, herbs and flowers to please  all the senses. When incorporated with animal husbandry to take advantage of excess, the food forest is a great example of achieving abundance through observation and application of patterns in Nature.  It’s a biomimcry of Nature, the  greatest teacher we have in this age of  disconnection. As we say in Permaculture, “It’s  all about making connections.”

Furthermore, below is one of the sets of design principles that help us in this work.  They are the foundation of design when combined with the design process.  Both mimic patterns in nature and provide a framework for holistic thinking and systems management.  Through this we can address our needs as a society in ways that are regenerative and uplifting.  Permaculture is a boundless field, beginning to really show a presence.  The courses provide an opportunity to network and join the community which provides the feeling of inclusion that we all need so much.  Sustainability is not just about soil and trees, its also about people and out need to live inter connectedly.

David Holmgren's Permaculture Design Principles

So if you are looking for a way to enter the next economy and gain skills in things like design, organic gardening, composting, and plant propogation, please join us for an upcoming event.  We originally had our paradigmgs switched in a course just like what we offer, we hope you come out and join us, and then begin to see with new eyes.  For more information please visit:


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